Pregnancy and Fertility

Every pregnant woman wants to have their baby without Pain, without Fear, and many want to have their babies without Drugs. Now, You can! I specialise in teaching child birth using The Mongan Method, HypnoBirthing® Child Birth Education for Parents. I will teach you how to relax , how to use your mind to elimatate fear , tension and pain.You will learn three very important breaths that change the psychological instructions of the mind,and importantly our special bonding exercises with your baby during pregancy is a magical experience to be treasured by you and your partner. You will see evidence of beautiful HypnoBirthed Babies . Many of women who use the HypnoBirthing® method tell other women how they experienced something more than they ever hoped for, a safe, joyful, calm and natural birth. It is this word of mouth message that has spread HypnoBirthing® into 34 countries. 

Many western countries including Australia are experiencing rising cases of unexplained infertility. There are more and more clinics offering services in fertility and only a few offer clients a programme in hypofertility . Making babies now come with special instructions called "relaxation". I am trained to work with unexplained infertility using the HypnoBirthing® Fertility programme. Some of the most stressful experiences are during the IVF treatments. I will share with you the hypnosis baby making techniques to ensure you are successful with the treatment and fall pregnant. Our holistic approach addresses what most clinics miss.

Marilyn Colvin Boon,C.Ht

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